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Daily Schedule

Our days at nature preschool are filled with exploring, learning, and fun! Barring severe weather, students spend their days almost entirely outside, with staff ensuring that the students stay happy, healthy, and safe, but also learn how to dress for all types of weather!

Below is a general overview of what a day at nature preschool looks like:


Table activities

Our morning starts with various table activities while we wait for our friends to arrive. Activities include anything from blocks, Legos, letter magnets, magic marker worksheets, to the Lite-Brite.


Circle time

Each morning we start circle time by singing our good morning song and checking the weather!

This is a great chance for students to share ideas and engage in student-led discussion. We also go over a few academic exercises, read a story, and have fun lessons!



After circle time we wash our hands in preparation  for snack. Snack is provided and includes healthier options such as fresh and dried fruits and vegetables, rice cakes, and low sodium pretzels. Please contact the staff with any dietary restrictions, and we will do our best to accommodate!


Dress for the weather

This part  of our day focuses on developing self help skills: zipping, buttoning, pulling on boots, etc.

Students keep a set of outdoor clothes at school to ensure they are ready to explore outside no matter the weather and to avoid forgetting your gloves at home!


Outdoor Discovery Time

The best part of every day! Outdoor discovery time gives us the opportunity to take our lessons outdoors. For part of this time we will continue the lesson introduced inside the classroom. For the other half, students are free to explore and interact with the challenging and stimulating environment created by their peers and teachers. 


Open House Dates

Our annual open houses occur at the end of our fall semester. Stop by our December Open House to meet the staff, tour the building, and ask any questions. We hope to see you there!


The next open house will be Sunday, December 15, 2024 from 1-5pm.


Enrollment for each school year opens at 7:30 AM on the first business day in January, prior to that school year. For example, enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year opens on January 2nd, 2024.

On the first day of enrollment, registration forms are accepted IN-PERSON ONLY at Stauffer Mansion: 1241 Lititz Pike, starting at 7:30am.

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration remains open until all spots are filled. After the first day of enrollment, inquiries about openings and registration forms may be submitted via email to


Tours and Observations

Can't wait for our winter open house? Email us to set up a tour! 


If you'd like to observe a class we require that you have all of your PA-mandated volunteer clearances including a PA Criminal Record Check, Child Abuse History Clearance, and the FBI Criminal Background Check (only if you have lived outside of Pennsylvania in the last 10 years). Please email us for more details.

Mid-year Enrollment

If you are interested in enrolling mid-year, please email to inquire about openings. We are a school-year based program, so enrollment is for the entire school year, not by semester. Students beginning mid-year must meet the age requirement of 3 (or 4 for PreK) by the August 31st prior to enrollment.


*Please note this is a school year based program. All students enrolled in fall semester are automatically enrolled in spring, with no reapplication required. During the school year, new students will be accepted only as spots open up.

Fall 2024 Semester [9/4/24-12/13/24 – 14 Calendar Weeks]


3-yr-old   (Tu/Th)   9-11:30am

Manheim Township Resident- $742.50 ($55/Week)

Non-resident- $877.50 ($65/Week)


4-yr-old (M/W/F) 9-11:30 am

Manheim Township Resident- $975 ($75/Week)

Non-resident- $1,111.50 ($85.50/Week)


Mixed-Age Afternoons (Ages 3-5)  (M-Fr 5 days) 12:30-3 pm

Manheim Township Resident- $1,584 ($120/Week)

Non-resident- $1,650 ($125/Week)


Spring 2025 Semester [1/2/25-5/16/25–19 Calendar weeks]


3-yr-old (Tu/Th) 9-11:30am

Manheim Township Resident- $1,072.50 ($55/Week)

Non-resident- $1,267.50 ($65/Week)


4-yr-old (M/W/F) 9-11:30 am

Manheim Township Resident- $1,250 ($75/Week)

Non-resident- $1,425 ($85.50/Week)


Mixed-Age Afternoons (Ages 3-5)  (M-Fr 5 days) 12:30-3 pm

Manheim Township Resident- $2,136 ($120/Week)

Non-resident- $2,225 ($125/Week)


Get In Touch

If you have any questions about our program

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Tel: 717-290-7180

Location address:

2369 Lititz Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601

Mailing address:

1241 Lititz Pike

Lancaster, PA 17601

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